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Black Elder

Breathe Respiratory Tea

Breathe Respiratory Tea

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Breathing should not be a labor of love, so breathe easy with our Tulsi tea leaf-based respiratory tea that’s good for soothing all lung and bronchial issues by removing excess mucus from the body.

Serving Size: 1-2 Cups a day, allowing the tea to do its good work. Caffeine-free, but naturally exuberant! 

Organic Ingredients: Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil, Tulsi, East Indian Basil), Mullein, Marshmallow Root, Elderberries, Wild Cherry, Peppermint

Breathe is a loose caffeine-free tea.

Silicone Tea strainers can be purchased here

8 Ounces*

*Measured by volume NOT weight. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews

Love this tea ❤️


It’s a nice relaxing and tasteful tea, that has the benefits of the elderberry as well! Stay healthy and we’ll friends!


Greatness tasting tea with Elderberry is 💯 Love it will buy again.

Melissa Saukas
Love the relief!

This is sooooo good especially when my throat is scratchy and I love the way it makes me breathe easier. Definitely recommend this to anyone! My ma and my grandma also love to have a cup or two when they are not feeling very well.

Angela S.
Excellent for my Allergies!

Every now and then my daily OTC allergy meds fail me and I get completely stuffed up in both nostrils. I brew and sip this tea and within minutes I can breathe again! And it lasts! LOVE this tea!