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Customer Support

Due to our companies perishable nature, no refunds or exchanges will be granted for any reason unless we are at fault: this includes but is not limited to pre-made products, shipping, and delivery fees; however, attempts by Black Elder to remedy any problems that may arise amicably will be made by reaching out to us with any questions or concerns that may occur at, where you may email statements and issues. 

Note: It is up to the customer to immediately retrieve packages from mailboxes, porches, and post office boxes, so check shipping provided updates as we are not liable for lost or stolen packages. 

If you receive a damaged package or your package is lost in transit, know you are covered with USPS insurance. To file a claim, follow the link and the instructions. The customer is responsible for filing the claim, but all relevant documents will be provided from Black Elder, including the original mailing label and proof of purchase documents. 

How to File a Claim: Life happens. Things get lost, and stuff gets broken. We're sorry, but we are here to help, and your package is covered. That's right if your package is lost, or damaged, severely delayed here is how you are made whole. Just email us for a copy of your mailing label and receipt if you don't have it and we'll email you with the information you need to file a claim to cover your cost for both shipping, and items purchased. 




How to File a Domestic Claim Video Transcript

The Postal Service safely delivers nearly $4 billion packages a year, but we know that doesn't matter if the lost or damaged package is yours. If your package is lost or damaged, visit USPS dot com to submit a claim.

Roll over the Help drop down menu and click “File a Claim”. On the next page, read the tips and information so you can gather all the information you’ll need for your claim. Then, click “Start an Online Claim”.

Sign in to your account. You can use an existing user name or create a new one.

Enter your tracking number and shipping date to start a new claim.

Then, enter your package information and the reason for your claim.

Next, tell us if you mailed the package or received it, and fill in blank address information.

Now, you can describe the items that were lost or damaged.

You can add up to 10 items per claim. You must name the item, select an item type, and provide a brief description of the item.

Enter the purchase date of the item and the amount you are requesting in your claim.

Proof of value is required. Only JPEG or PDF files under two megabytes are allowed. To upload, click “Choose Files” and select the files you want to upload. Some browsers will provide a drag and drop function for each section. Click the Information button to see examples of proof of value.

After describing the items in your claim, give the claim a nickname so you can easily identify it later.

You can choose to Save a Claim and Add Information later or choose Review to submit the claim. You must review the claim before submitting.

Once you have reviewed your claim, click “Submit Claim” to begin processing or click any of the edit links to change your information. When you submit your claim, we will send you an email confirming your submission.

On the confirmation screen, click “Claims History” to see details and status of a claim. Click “Current Claim” to begin a claim for a different shipment.

If your claim is denied or you feel the payment is insufficient, you may appeal the decision. To start an appeal, go to the Claims History page. Select the claim. Enter additional information you want considered and resubmit.

For additional information, on claims, visit the Claims page and the FAQ section on USPS dot com.

Thank you for choosing the United States Postal Service for your shipping needs. We look forward to resolving your claim.