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Black Elder

NettleBerry Drops: Allergy Relief

NettleBerry Drops: Allergy Relief

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Don't let sinus and allergy issues get the best of you, by using our liquid Nettle which is the fastest way to get the allergy and hayfever fighting properties into your bloodstream without side effects like lethargy, sleepiness, and long-term dependence like most over the counter drugs and medications.

Instructions: Adults take one dropper & children one-half dropper up to three times per day under the tongue holding for 10 seconds for best results.

No Refrigeration is needed.

Organic Ingredients: Nettle Leaf, Nettle Root, ElderBerry, Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Alcohol

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alice J Johnson
Very good for people with allergies

I purchased the NettleBerry Drops for my husband and for my best friend. They both love it as it helps them tremendously with allergy relief. This is a great product, all natural and a great price as well. I highly recommend it!!!!

N.Bradley Harris
Best of both worlds

This is my favorite Black Elder product! It's great for seasonal allergies and for buidling your immune system during the cold and flu season.

Shamiatra Davis